Wedding invitations

Romance is in the air

Romance is something we understand at Dita Design.  No matter what style of wedding our clients are planning, we hear the word Romantic at least one time throughout our  invitation consultations. ”We want our wedding invitation to be romantic.”  ”We want our wedding invitation to be fun and romantic.”  When we think of romance certain words come to …

sunset wedding 2

A Sunset Wedding

It wasn’t the sea that inspired the color palette for this wedding. It was the romantic colors of the setting sun and the soft browns of the sand.  In Israel, the majority of wedding ceremonies or as we say the “Hupa”, take place as the sun is setting or right after sunset.  For this reason, …


Black Tie

Over the past few years we have noticed that Grooms have become more involved in wedding planning and especially in the invitation department.  The first worry we hear from our Grooms is- “isn’t it too girly?”   Here at Dita we were inspired by this question… How does one make something classy, beautiful, elegant, “manly” …

Who loves who?


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